nexar dash cam FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Nexar dash cams:

What is a Nexar dash cam?

A Nexar dash cam is a smart dashboard camera that connects to your smartphone to provide real-time video recording, cloud storage, and AI-powered safety features.

What are the benefits of using a Nexar dash cam?

Benefits include high-quality video recording, real-time alerts, automatic cloud backups, GPS tracking, and features like collision detection and emergency response.

How does a Nexar dash cam work?

It records video continuously while driving and connects to your smartphone via the Nexar app, where footage is stored locally and automatically backed up to the cloud.

Does the Nexar dash cam have a parking mode?

Yes, Nexar dash cams offer parking surveillance mode, which monitors and records activity around the vehicle when it is parked. This feature typically requires a continuous power supply.

How is the footage stored on a Nexar dash cam?

Footage is stored both on your smartphone and automatically uploaded to the Nexar cloud, ensuring you have backups of all recordings.

Can I view and download footage from a Nexar dash cam remotely?

Yes, you can view and download footage remotely via the Nexar app, thanks to automatic cloud uploads.

Does the Nexar dash cam record audio?

Yes, Nexar dash cams include an audio recording feature, which can usually be turned off if preferred.

How is a Nexar dash cam installed?

Installation involves mounting the camera on the windshield and connecting it to the vehicle’s power supply, often through the cigarette lighter or by hardwiring it to the fuse box.

Are Nexar dash cams legal?

They are legal in most countries, but it’s important to check local regulations regarding video and audio recording in vehicles.

How much do Nexar dash cams cost?

Prices vary depending on the model and features, typically ranging from $100 to $300.